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Halloween in Miami was quite lovely! I spent the afternoon painting faces at my church’s carnival dressed as America’s favorite painter Bob Ross! The kids had no idea who I was dressed as but I found it hilarious and that’s really all that matters. My giant paintbrush, Lanier met up with me and we grabbed dinner and some festive cupcakes and headed to our site coordinator Heidi’s house!

Heidi lives in a neighborhood that welcomes around 2,000 trick-or-treaters!! Lanier and I walked her neighborhood and saw a bit of everything… Funny, scary, weird costumes. A particularly realistic looking werewolf jumped out at us and I naturally used Lanier as a human shield and we luckily survived. I had a small freak out about all the trash on the ground so we picked some up and then didn’t know what to do with it until we found a bag. We threw the trash in the bag until we found a can to throw it in. Lanier then exclaimed, “I can trick-or-treat with this!” And she collected a few lollipops before turning in. At one house she turned and yelled, “Look Dad!!” After she was handed little chocolates. We got a few strange looks, which was her goal. Ha! The looks on the children’s faces when I would open my mouth to talk and a womanly voice came out… Priceless.

My first (and last) experience as a drag king was so fun! I tried channeling my masculine side, but I don’t think I have one. But if I was to be man I hope I would be a kind and gentle one like Bob who, all joking aside, is one of my heroes. I feel very connected to Bob as we are both painters, although my talent will never even half his. I feel so inspired by him, a former military man, who after retiring from the military with master sergeant ranking allegedly vowed to never raise his voice again. Also, inspiring is how Bob held no value in monetary things. He taught the world to paint through his television show but received no compensation in return. Bob didn’t even sell his paintings, they all went to charities. His gentle hands nurtured countless animals throughout his life, from childhood he loved animals and had a passion for caring for them! I hope to live a life as gentle and impactful as Bob Ross did. I think of him often and remember, “We don’t make mistakes, only happy accidents.” and that “Every day’s a good day when you paint.” I had a blast dressing as him for Halloween but also wanted to take the opportunity to pay a little homage to a great man that we can all learn from.

Here are…
Five (Happy Little) Things You Didn’t Know About Bob Ross

A video that I watch when I feel sad that ALWAYS makes me feel better…
Bob Feeding a Baby Squirrel

And lastly, you’re nobody until you’ve been reeeeemixxxxxxed…
Happy Cloud Remix


The Bridge

“There’s only one thing that cuts across all our realities. The bridge between all our differences. Is love. You have so much love in your life. Why are you trying to turn on that bridge?”
…My favorite TV show.

The Little Things

This blog post, like most of my inspired moments, was aroused by a conversation with the best person I know…

The “little” things in life mean everything to me. I hold a lot of stock in those moments. They stick with me. I relive little, fleeting moments that made me smile over and over.

I was sitting at my desk at RIviera last week. I got a text from my best friend, David. I read it and burst out laughing. I couldn’t stop. I cackled and chuckled and snickered. I laughed so loud that Rev. Monica came into my office with a huge smile on her face and said, “What is going on in here?” She was surprised to see me sitting at my desk all alone, just giggling. I can’t even remember what the text message said, but I remember how great I felt in that moment.

Some people wait around their whole lives for monumentous moments where there are revelations and new beginnings; and only these moments are worth while. This thinking can cause us to miss what’s right in front of us… a beautiful world full of things to appreciate all the time. The yellow of a fire hydrant, the sound of a car stopping, the freckles on a familiar face. Beauty is upon us, it’ll be there and occur whether we notice or not… why not notice? I find little moments like the one sitting at my desk to be the most profound. And aren’t our whole lives made up of little moments anyway? Seconds, into minutes, into hours, into days, into years. What if we looked for beauty in every second of every day? We could build a beautiful life one second at a time. Measuring our lives in beauty. Measuring in love. Measuring in the blessings around us. This sounds like fulfillment to me.

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The Life of a Twentysomething

The Life of a Twentysomething

Awesome article! Whether you’re feeling happy, free, confused, or lonely or all at the same time. It’s miserable and magical.


Another Little Thought on Home

Another Little Thought on Home

As brought to you by this bear to accompany my “Home” post…


YAV Advice: Spick & Span Plan!

YAV Advice: Spick & Span Plan!

A month and a half into the YAV program… am I allowed to give advice to fellow or future YAVs yet? Well, just in case I am, here is a plan of action that my housemates and I worked into our covenant… basically a color coded chore list because chores are ok but color codes are THE BEST! Assigned chores works great for us because we know everything gets done! We can hold each other accountable and who doesn’t love marking things off the old to-do list?! Maybe it’d work in other YAV households too?

Recipe: Alfredo Sauce

I am a brand-new participant of the vegetarian party! To be exact, I am fasting meat as part of a book study with my YAV family about disciplines. I have been fasting meat for nearly two weeks and I will definitely stick it out a month, but the goal is to make it a permanent fixture of my life. More on that later… I want to share a recipe. Eating and cooking in an intentional community like mine can be tricky with the fixed budget and five different food preference personalities. I sure know that I could have used some guidance starting on the path of vegetarianism and intentional community dweller SO I will share some of my favorite recipes periodically in hopes that they will make it to the hands of others in similar positions to mine! 

Here we go… Alfredo Sauce…

Now, this is a recipe handed down to me from one of my best friends’ mother! Cheri Ramsey is an awesome cook and has taught me a lot… and not just about cooking!! Much love goes out with this post to the Ramsey and the Copeland families!! 

1 pint heavy whipping cream

1/2 cup of butter

1.5 cup of shredded Parmesan cheese

1/4 cup of mozzarella

1 clove of garlic, pressed

Directions: Melt the butter and mix in the heavy whipping cream over low to medium heat. Gradually add the cheeses to the mix. Add the pressed garlic and stir until smooth and thickened. Serve over pasta, my favorite is the little shells! Enjoy :)

Many Blessings! & Full Tummies!


90 Seconds Of Some Of The Best Footage Caught On Security Cameras (VIDEO)

90 Seconds Of Some Of The Best Footage Caught On Security Cameras (VIDEO)

When you’re a missionary you see a lot of hurt and pain and injustice in the world around you. It’s easy to get caught up in all the bad. Sometimes the bad keeps me awake at night; I stare at the white, bumpy ceiling in my bedroom and I start to see faces. I see the face of the hungry woman weaving in and out of traffic, cardboard sign in hand, tears streaming down her face. I see a young boy, struggling to get words out about his battle with his gender in front of a group of strangers-now-friends, hands hiding the pain expressed on his face. I see a middle-aged man, nervous to be talking to me while standing in my office, asking if my church is “different” and if he’ll be judged if he attends Sunday worship in blue-jeans, he doesn’t know what to do with his hands, he’s been hurt by the church before. My heart feels heavy for the people behind these faces. I sometimes forget how beautiful life is despite all the hurt. I forget about all that God does to heal the souls that ache. Jesus himself said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” God looks out for his children when they are wounded and His hand is on them at all times… the proof is in the stars because, like His children, stars cannot shine without darkness. The contrast of light and dark in life makes the light so much sweeter. I believe in God’s people and their ability to shine through strife and adversity. I believe that those who are hurting will find their light through the love of Christ who guides their feet. This awesome video is a compilation of footage captured by surveillance cameras. It doesn’t need an introduction, all I’ll say is that it evoked tears AND goosebumps from me and hopefully it inspires you like it did me!

I will leave you with a little song lyric… thank you OneRepublic…

“Lately I been, I been losing sleep

Dreaming about the things that we could be

Baby I been, I been prayin’ hard

Said no more counting dollars

We’ll be counting stars”

Many Blessings.



My roommate Lanier encouraged me yesterday to take a “Love Languages Quiz” based on Gary Chapman’s ideas. I scored very high on both Quality Time and Physical Touch. It got me thinking about how I give and receive love. What love languages speak to your heart?